Queens day!

What fun, started with Cava and ended late. I watched a friend playing his guitar on the corner of Nes and Grimburgwal, and things decended from there.

I’ve put a few choice pictures in my gallery;

Playing to the crowd

Playing to the crowd...

Nieuwe Baan

Back to the Configuration Management merry-go-round!
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Out and About near Amsterdam

Recreatienoordholland.nl; is a good site to see all the major outdoor areas in the Amsterdam region (Noord Holland). I just discovered that my local area, Gaasperplas, is really just part of a much bigger area, the Groengebied Amstelland.

Only half a marathon man..

So, I made it. 21.3 Km and I only walked when I was taking on water. I did the Amsterdam half marathon in 2 hours, 13 minutes exactly, I didn’t come last!
It sure took it out of me, the last five Km were very, very hard, my legs and knees were giving me a lot of problems and I lost quite a bit of time in the final stage, but I didn’t walk!
My friend Kevin did the whole marathon in 3h53m, which was a personal best for him, and his wife Lucy also broke her best in the half marathon with 2h22m. We had a grand weekend :-)
You can see my results for yourself on the Uitslagen site, simply enter my startnumber, 15291 and you’ll get the result.

Marathon Man?

Not quite, in fact, I’m only half a marathon man..
I’ll be running the Amsterdam Half Marathon as number 15291, and I expect you all to come and watch me 😛

Who won the first marathon in Amsterdam? a history lesson..
On 5 August 1928 Boughèra Mohamed El Ouafi won the Amsterdam Olympic marathon, finishing in 2.32.57. ..While the time run by El Ouafi, whose coach gave him ten guilders and told him to ‘go and have a good time in Amsterdam’, is no longer cause for commotion, the marathon phenomenon still appeals to millions of people.

Rent a Bike

While I´ve been living in Amsterdam there have been a number of ‘White Bikepublic rental schemes for bicycles, but they have all fallen afoul of the common thief. Meanwhile private bicycle rental firms have flourished, mainly becuse they take a deposit and ID.
Well, it looks like the French city of Lyon has a successful scheme now, using technology to track the bikes and making theft a much harder option. Quite an interesting idea really, I wonder how long before Amsterdam tries again..

Job Hunting

is a long, boring, process. But I’m much better informed now, so time to start plugging away.

The 3 Cup trick.

Very popular with people who like getting ripped off in Amsterdam. This version is better :-) if less tasteful.

I’ve brought a Boat!

Hurrah for Zodiac and Mercury.. She’s rubber, and only 2.8m long, but with a 5 Hp motor she moves nicely. Now to go into Amsterdam..

Museum N8

Museumnacht this year is on November the 6´th. A very good night to have it.

Music tonight.

I’m going to see the Skatalites at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

Museum Night

Amsterdam’s MuseumNacht is on November the 8th this year. A very good night indeed.