Random photos from my gallery

I’m so proud… I finally managed to add a block of random images from my gallery to the right-hand side of my homepage (You can probably see them now). I wasted loads of time playing with the wrong plugins to WordPress for this. Finally I just created a new RSS feed on my gallery set to dynamically provide random imagesfrom the whole gallery site. Then I used the Photo Sidebar Widget to display the first three images off the feed. This plugin does exactly what I want with no additional baggage, all the other solutions I found were vastly overcomplex (WPG2) or buggy (External Gallery2 Image Block Plugin).

But! I had to modify it to work with Gallery2.3 on my system like so:

Edit file: (you can do this via the WordPress inbuilt plugin editor if your system is setup to permit it.)


Find the following line:

case "Gallery 2 RSS Module, version 1.1.0":

And add a new line below it:

case "Gallery 2 RSS Module, version 1.1.0":
case "Gallery 2 RSS Module, version 1.1.7":

This allows it to grab a RSS feed from gallery 2.3 (the original line is for Gallery2.2). It totally failed to display any images for me until I worked this out, adding the above made it instantly spring into life.

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